What is EasyA?

At Cambridge Guardians we are keen to give our students access to the tools to help them learn. Our partnership with EasyA gives students on-demand access to Oxbridge tutors in minutes via an App on their phone. By getting students help right when they need it, EasyA make it easy for any student to achieve higher grades. Phil, a Cambridge graduate founded EasyA to solve a big problem he faced for years, both as a student himself and when working as a tutor: getting students help right at the point in time they need it. He and his co-founder Dom have recruited an impressive number of Oxbridge graduates who are skilled at helping students learn. With an average session of 30 minutes students are able to quickly access a maths tutor who will guide them through the question, explain how to find the answer and help the student to actively learn.

Want to see exactly what your child is studying? Log in to your parent portal and view all their sessions in real time.

EasyA tutors are Oxbridge Graduates so you can be sure that your child is getting excellent tuition when they need it, taking the stress out of studying and making learning fun!

How EasyA Works

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