Educational Advice

Educational advice is an integral part of our Guardianship Service, we are committed to providing parents and students independent advice throughout their child's education in the UK. With our Director's teaching background we have a thorough understanding of the UK education system. We are able to advise on subject choices and help explain what the school reports mean. We have been established since 1995 and have helped many, many students achieve their aims. We are always delighted to see our students grow into young adults and head off to the University of their choice. Our students often stay in touch and it is wonderful to find out where their lives take them.  

We recognise that some parents and students need additional advice and support especially before their child arrives in the UK. We therefore have an additional personalised school finder service dedicated to helping you find the right school for your child. 

Personalised School Finder Service 

We are able to assist parents in their search for a UK school. For children of all ages, from Prep school to sixth form, it is never too early to contact us and discuss your child's plans. 

With our knowledge and experience we are able to suggest appropriate schools for your child. We listen carefully for your child's aims, find out their interests, look at academic ability, gauge their current level of English and discuss the type of school they are looking for. With this information we are able to suggest and introduce you to appropriate schools.

We are then able to assist with the application process, help with entrance exams and recommend any additional tuition.  

We have links with many outstanding schools in the East of England but can support applications to any school you may be considering. 

Summer Schools 

Many of our students have started their UK education by attending a Summer School. This may be be just to improve their English or may be linked to another interest.  

We are happy to recommend a suitable Summer school for your child which will start their international educational journey.

Please contact us to find out more.


Sometimes our students benefit from additional one to one support. Students may need tuition for a single subject or several subjects, perhaps English tuition for IELTS or study skills support. Some students may ask for help with University interview preparation, a short holiday revision course or regular sessions. Whatever your requirements we are able to help. Alongside some of our own longstanding tutors we are pleased to have partnered with Tutor Doctor

With our Cambridge Tutor Doctor partnership we are able to match students with experienced, well qualified, fully checked Tutors. Tutor Doctor aim to 'go above and beyond by offering private tutoring services that are unique to each student', this philosophy matches perfectly with our own Guardianship service. 


                                                                                  Instant Online Maths Tuition

At Cambridge Guardians we are keen to give our students access to the tools to help them learn. Our partnership with EasyA gives students on-demand access to Oxbridge tutors in minutes via an App on their phone. By getting students help right when they need it, EasyA make it easy for any student to achieve higher grades. Phil, a Cambridge graduate founded EasyA to solve a big problem he faced for years, both as a student himself and when working as a tutor: getting students help right at the point in time they need it. He and his co-founder Dom have recruited an impressive number of Oxbridge graduates who are skilled at helping students learn. With an average session of 30 minutes students are able to quickly access a maths tutor who will guide them through the question, explain how to find the answer and help the student to actively learn.

Want to see exactly what your child is studying? Log in to your parent portal and view all their sessions in real time.

EasyA tutors are Oxbridge Graduates so you can be sure that your child is getting excellent tuition when they need it, taking the stress out of studying and making learning fun!

How EasyA works

Our link to EasyA

University Applications and Admissions Support

Cambridge Guardians are able to offer professional academic support to help your child reach their dream university.

With our excellent contacts, including the brilliant Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates at EasyA we can offer support with:

  • University applications and specialist Oxbridge Support
  • Personal statement writing with specialist Oxbridge Support
  • Interview practice with specialist Oxbridge Support
  • Ivy League Admissions Support

With our combined experience we can enable students to excel in their applications. Enhancing support from their schools, our students in recent years have successfully applied to top universities such as  Cambridge, Oxford, UCL, Russell group and US universities.

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