First established in 1995, Cambridge Guardians has a wealth of experience, helping over 1000 students to pursue a successful school career in the UK.  Cambridge Guardians was one of the first organisations set up with the idea of helping and supporting international students who are pursuing their education in the UK.  

Cambridge Guardians is based in the centre of Cambridge, home of one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the United Kingdom. Synonymous with educational excellence, this unique and historic city is home to a number of prestigious independent schools and in the surrounding area a large number of outstanding boarding schools. The unique Cambridge environment inspires students to aim high on their personal academic journeys. 

Our philosophy extends beyond ensuring each student is well cared for but extends to providing personalised academic support and guidance at each stage of their education. Every year we successfully help students gain admission to the university of their choice, this could be Cambridge University or another top UK or international University.

Cambridge Guardians is fully accredited by AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. AEGIS promotes and monitors the welfare of international students. 

Cambridge Guardians act as excellent support to parents, schools and students; they clearly forge excellent relationships with all parties. 

                                                                                                                     AEGIS re-accreditation inspection report 2019

Our Director 

"My relationship with Cambridge Guardians began several years ago when my children were quite young and I agreed to become a homestay family. We looked after several international students over the years and my own children looked forward to the students arriving from boarding school each half term and exeat. When my children were teenagers we hosted day students from the Perse and they became part of the family. It was an enriching experience for us all and I gained firsthand knowledge of the concerns of international students and their parents.

I also have a wide experience of teaching and looking after students in various education settings. As a qualified science teacher, until recently I enjoyed teaching science in secondary school up to GCSE and Biology to A level. I have management experience at primary level and have taught maths, science and English in a college abroad. As a teacher I have an insight into the education system and can offer practical help and guidance to both students and parents.

My own children were educated at The Perse in Cambridge and both studied at Birmingham University. My son studied Geography, my daughter Classical Literature and Civilisations. I understand from a parent’s point of view the importance of finding the right school for your child and supporting them with their choices throughout.

Having helped international friends find the right schools and universities for their children, it was a natural step for me to begin working for Cambridge Guardians. I take a personal interest in every student and enjoy helping them with their educational decisions and guiding them through their studies. My aim is to have happy, successful students and parents who know that their children are well cared for and supported."

Heather Dyos  
BSc separate Honours in Biology and Education    
Advanced Diploma in Education Management