Cambridge Guardians
Cambridge Guardians
Bespoke UK Guardianship and Educational Advice
Established in 1995

Cambridge Guardians are a bespoke UK Guardianship organisation. We were established in 1995 to provide support to international students who were studying at independent day and boarding schools throughout the East of England. 

We have a wealth of experience supporting students while they study in the UK and a deep understanding of the challenges facing parents and their children over large distances and across different time zones. 

Our priority is to ensure that your child is well cared for and looked after throughout their UK education. Your child’s safety and wellbeing are central to our care. Our services are designed to help your child settle down in their new environment by working closely with the school on your behalf, a partnership which ultimately leads to success in your child’s academic pursuits.  

We are based in the centre of the beautiful city of Cambridge, home of one of the world’s most prestigious universities. As a centre of educational excellence Cambridge and the surrounding area is home to a number of outstanding independent schools. We are ideally located to provide local guardianship services to international students throughout the East of England.

Our experience is rooted in education, we have an in depth knowledge of the UK school system and firsthand knowledge of excellent local schools. We are able to give personalised educational advice to both you and your child throughout their time in the UK. We recognise that the success of your child’s education is based on a strong partnership between the school and their parents. We support that partnership and can also look after your child by placing them with one of our responsible and caring host families.

 With our understanding of the education system and our links with outstanding local independent schools, we are also able to provide help when choosing the right school for your child. We look not only at high academic standards but also on the caring atmosphere and ethos of the school helping you place your child in an environment where they are both happy and successful.

Cambridge Guardians are an AEGIS accredited organisation. By choosing us,  you can be sure that you are choosing the highest standards of care and understanding.

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24 Hour Emergency on Call
We are available at all times during term time to help you when you need us most.
Regular Contact
We are in regular contact with parents keeping you up to date.
Host Families
We arrange a friendly and responsible host family to look after your child.
Transport and Transfers
We organise transport requests using our trusted preferred providers.
School Meetings
We attend school events on your behalf, supporting your child's progress.
Bespoke Service
We are happy to assist with your requests, your child's wellbeing is of great importance to us.


  • The Independent Schools Show, Battersea Evolution, London

    Last weekend Heather attended the annual Independent Schools Show in London. This event gives parents the opportunity to meet a huge selection of Independent Schools in one convenient Location.
  • IMG_0460.JPG

    AEGIS and BSA Annual Conference - MAGIC


    Last week Heather attended the two day MAGIC conference keeping us up to date with all things to do with UK Guardianship. AEGIS (The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students) and the BSA (The Boarding Schools' Association) have recently entered a partnership to work together in the best interests of our International students.