Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students

What does this mean?

By choosing Cambridge Guardians you can be sure that your child is looked after to  the highest standards. The welfare of international students is essential to UK schools and colleges and the provision of trustworthy, caring and efficient guardianship is paramount to the student’s welfare. AEGIS, the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students, is the authoritative association for inspecting and accrediting UK Guardianship Organisations in accordance with a strict Code of Practice and current child care legislation. 

This means Cambridge Guardians fully meets the AEGIS standards and requirements of care, safety and supervision in respect of the pastoral, social, cultural and educational welfare and wellbeing of international students studying in the UK.

AEGIS, now also working in partnership with the Boarding School Association (BSA), offers participating Guardianship Organisations ongoing training and development opportunities, inspections and accreditation. This ensures that parents and students can be confident in their choice of an AEGIS accredited Guardianship Organisation.

As one of AEGIS' accredited Guardianship Organisations, parents choosing Cambridge Guardians can be sure that their child will receive high quality guardianship and support during their stay in the UK.

The AEGIS Trustees commented that:  

Cambridge Guardians provides a quality, bespoke service for students and their families, with a strong focus on meeting individuals' pastoral and educational needs. The Guardian Organisation has high expectations and provides astute guidance that helps students fulfil their true potential 

Visit the AEGIS website for more information.