There are many different aspects to consider when choosing a school for child, just as your child is unique each school has their own special characteristics and atmosphere. We know finding the school where your child will thrive can be a difficult process and the age of your child, their interests, school location, academic results and league tables are all taken into account. There are numerous options and questions to ask during the selection process.

Our main aim is to help you find the right school or college for your child. We are located in Cambridge, East of England where there are a large number of outstanding schools to choose from. You can use the Schools and Colleges page to find out more information or simply contact us for help. 

Your first decision has already been made by deciding on a UK education. You may already have selected the school or have a good idea of what you are looking for. If so, then simply contact us.

If you are undecided, we start with a list of factors to consider:

Which stage of education and curriculum are you looking for?

The ages of your children dictate if they go into a prep school (Ages 7 to 11 or 13), a senior school (Ages 11 or 13 through to 18) or a sixth form college (Ages 16 to 18). Many schools take multiple age groups. 

In sixth form your child must choose between A Levels, Pre-U or IB (International Baccalaureate).  Not all schools offer the Pre-U or IB,  so if you know this could be important then it is worth finding out in advance.

Sixth Form Boarding or Day? 

At sixth form some schools and colleges, such as MPW in Cambridge, admit international students as day students. These students stay with a host family arranged by their guardian during term term. Other schools offer boarding options throughout the term.

Town or countryside?

Cambridge is a beautiful small city with outstanding schools and fantastic opportunities with educational events and lectures held by the University. In the countryside you will find traditional boarding schools, many with very large campuses giving them lots of sports facilities. 

Academic Success 

League tables for academic results at GCSE and A level are an important factor to consider but do not tell the whole story. How academic is your child and will they enjoy a highly academic environment?

Does your child want to take part in a particular sport or activity?

If your child enjoys a particular sport or activity, you will want to know the school has a strong reputation and talented coaches in that area. Most schools have a huge choice of extra curricular activities. When a child is a long distance from home it’s important to keep them busy!

These are but a few of the factors to consider,  we can give you personalised advice if you contact us.