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Here are a few of the comments we have received from the people we work with and the students and families we have helped. Find out how we have played a part in these individuals successful and rewarding education in the UK.

Tutoring for Cambridge Guardians Students
September 2019
Over the past 9 years, tutoring students in Cambridge, we've worked in collaboration with a number of organisations to deliver the best service for the families who are seeking help for their children. Cambridge Guardians have been excellent to work with. Heather is very organised and very committed to her clients which makes our jobs in delivering the tuition so much more straightforward. Heather shares our can-do attitude and demonstrates the professionalism that her and our clients all require.
Rob Kerrison, Director, Tutor Doctor Cambridge
From a Host family hosting a Perse Day Student
September 2019
Dear Heather

A quick message.

We just wanted to let you know how absolutely delighted and happy with the student you matched us with this year! Our student suits our family down to the ground and is so wonderful. She sings with us, makes music with us, discusses with us and talks about all the things that I want my boys to hear someone other than me saying. She helps around the house and is just so respectful. She works hard and is involved in lots of extracurricular stuff. She has so quickly become part of our family that I know there will be tears when she leaves. We are loving having her as part of our family this year. Tonight she even bought moon cakes and told us all the mythical story behind this festival (we love this sort of thing).

So I wanted you to know we are hugely happy and she is an absolute delight. We are loving having her. This experience is exactly the reason why we wanted to start sharing our home in the first place.
Best Host Family
August 2019
My Dear Host Family

I am so lucky and grateful for having you as my host family. You are so kind and lovely and always care about me, giving me all the help I need. I really feel like this is my other real home, so warm and comfortable. I'll miss you and the supper time and every memory here. There is no word to represent how grateful I am. Thank you for giving me such a wonderful experience in Cambridge. (By the way the food at supper is always amazing).
Cambridge Student
Perse Student, Guardianship from September 2017 to July 2017
June 2019
Big thank you to Heather for doing the best she can to look for the right host family for me. Absolutely enjoyed my time with my host family, with a balance between having fun with the members of the family and having alone time for studying. Really felt like I was part of the family.
Guardianship from September 2017 to July 2019
June 2019
Many thanks for all the assistance provided throughout the previous two years. I was really lucky to have such responsible guardian like Heather, especially as an international student.
Perse Student
Father of daughter attending Uppingham School
May 2019
Many thanks indeed for meeting our daughter.
We really appreciate the caring guidance you have been generously offering to her.
Guardianship from September 2016
March 2019
我们非常庆幸HEATHER是儿子Richard的监护人。原来以为监护人只是形式而已 。 但实际上Heather不仅在Richard三年多的学习期间每次参加学校的家长会等活动,及时通报孩子的学习状况,更是凭借自己也是老师的丰富经验提出很多好的学习建议。安排的寄宿家庭对健康饮食和运动很重视。Richard很喜欢。孩子吃住的很好,同大家相处的也很开心。 记得Richard刚到英国没有玩伴,假期Heather带孩子去博物馆。明年孩子要考大学,苦于对大学的选择。Heather不仅同Richard一起分析和交流,更是同学校老师保持联系,为他寻求各方的支持。她的这份爱心和责任心让我们对在异国他乡留学的孩子很放心。
Mother of Son Attending Bedford School
Guardianship from September 2016
March 2019
We are very lucky that Heather is the guardian of our son, Richard. Before going to the UK we thought that having a guardian is a formality. In fact, during the three years Heather not only attends the school's parents' meetings, but also informs us about Richard's learning situation in a timely manner. She also puts forward many good study suggestions based on her own rich experience. The host family arranged values healthy eating and sport, Richard likes it there very much. Richard enjoys their cooking and his room. He is very happy to get along with everyone. I remember that Richard had just arrived in the UK without a playmate, and during the holiday Heather took my son to the museum. Next year, my son will go to university and he is anxious about making his university choices. Heather not only analyzes and communicates with him, but also keeps in touch with the school teachers and seeks support from all parties. Her love and responsibility make us feel reassured about my son in the UK.
Mother of Son Attending Bedford School
Student at The Perse School
February 2019
It is a really quick and smooth process to organise guardianship. The family that I stay with are really nice and welcoming.
Perse Student
Host family for students in Cambridge
January 2019
We have been hosting students for Cambridge Guardians for a couple of years, first a student during half terms and now a day student. We are happy to share our home and help the student feel welcome. It has been an enriching experience for my daughter too, being a younger child, it’s like she has an older sibling to look up to but at the same time, she’s also taking the initiative to help our student. It feels good to help and is very satisfying for the family.
Catherine, host family
Guardianship from Sep 2011 - Jun 2013 (Year 12 to 13)
November 2018
I was fortunate enough to stay with Heather and her family for my upper 6th year. I think it was the best way to learn about British culture and to adapt into the life as an overseas student.

Thank you so much for the great care from Heather and the Cambridge Guardians for encouraging me to pursue my dream of applying and studying the course of my passion!
Noel, BA in Psychology and Linguistics, Oxford University
Guardianship from Sep 2013 - Jun 2018 (Year 9 to 13)
November 2018
With the encouragement of my guardian, I successfully applied for the art scholarship for my A-levels study. This scholarship gave me the foundation I needed to build a better me and enabled me to make my dreams come true.

Thank you, Heather and Cambridge Guardians.
Lucas, BSc in Architecture, UCL
Mother of son at Bedford School
October 2018
Thank you so much for your patience & support.
Student's Mother
Mother of son who attended Oundle School
October 2018
Thanks so much for your detailed report. It is so helpful for me to know about my sons status especially from all teachers.

I am really appreciative of all you have done for our son. Honestly even if I was there, I might not be any better as I am afraid to challenge teachers ability due to my average English and no knowledge of UK schools. My husband, too, is very impressed by what you have done for our son.

The encouragement is vital to all parties concerned. Even we get cheered up too. Thanks again for your excellent service.
Mrs Cheng
October 2018
Cambridge Guardians offers a service which is intended to be of benefit to families, pupils and their school. In my experience that role has proved invaluable, not only when there have been problems to deal with, but also in the normal day-to-day communication between school and home.

To have someone who can attend parents reception, help to arrange accommodation when out of school and just to understand the situation, is of great reassurance.
Ex-Chaplain and Housemaster, The Leys School
Singaporean pupil at The Perse School, who went on to read Law at Cambridge University
October 2018
Couldn't have done without you.
Denise Mirandah