Summer Schools in Cambridge and the UK

Cambridge Guardians have links with Summer Schools in Cambridge and other locations offering a range of subjects, skills and activities. Many of the schools we work with are offering unique Summer programmes and experiences. 

Summer schools are a great way to come to the UK to study and explore.

For students already in the UK Summer schools offer exciting new experiences. 

For example:

  • Academic Subjects and Life Skills at MPW Cambridge
  • English at St Joseph's, Ipswich
  • Academic and trips at St Mary's, Cambridge
  • English with topics and skills at Haileybury, Hertfordshire
  • English courses and Summer Camps at Studio Cambridge 
  • English and activities with Xplore
  • Artificial Intelligence, Economics and Finance, Business and Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Media, Medicine and Law for 16-17 years olds at University College London (UCL)

Cambridge Guardians have lots of ideas to help you choose a great Summer programme.

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