UK Covid regulations have been recently updated.

While it is no longer law in England to self-isolate if a student has COVID-19, it is still recommended by NHS to stay at home and avoid contact with other people. This helps reduce the chance of passing COVID-19 on to others. From the messaging we have so far seen from schools, self-isolation of symptomatic or positive international boarders will continue. Regular testing has ceased however testing of symptomatic children will continue, and testing after 5 days of a positive test to check for a negative result will be in place.

AEGIS Covid Safe Charter

Cambridge Guardians are pleased to be AEGIS accredited and have been following the advice in the updated Covid Safe Charter.

AEGIS Covid-19 Safe Charter

Some of our students have enjoyed staying in the UK throughout the school Summer, Christmas and Easter holidays, being well looked after by host families or joining our residential camp.  Cambridge Guardians will continue to look after and support our students when they cannot stay at school and travel home is not possible or a sensible option.

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